Friday, February 24

Here’s what Makes us the Preferred Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

With the ever-changing dynamics of the real estate scenario in and around Manhattan and New Jersey, businesses need reliable commercial real estate lawyers more than ever before. At Davis & Davis LLP we aim to professionally fulfill these emerging legal requirements.

Our commercial real estate department is well-equipped to represent individual, corporate and foreign investors for issues relating to the purchase, sale, financing lease or joint venturing of commercial properties. Davis & Davis LLP’s aggressive representation, successful track record and competitive rates have made us the preferred commercial real estate attorneys throughout the five boroughs of Manhattan and New Jersey. Our reputation rides on the back of the cases we represent, hence we make every effort to successfully close every case. We have also earned a reputation as successful small business attorneys.

Whether it is a contract drafting requirement or a multi-million dollar complex transaction, we offer the same level of attention and involvement to each of our clients. By offering a full range of personalized legal services to all our clients, we have successfully built up a large base of loyal clientele.

What also gives us an edge is that our co-founder Eric Davis, the chairman of the Commercial real estate department, knows how to solve problems and get deals done in the face of tremendous challenges. This is what sets him apart from other commercial real estate lawyers. He has represented a multitude of clients with purchasing and ‘legally renovating’ legally distressed properties. These properties, that once faced issues such as violations, financing, tenant and environmental problems, went on to command exceptional rates after being ‘legally renovated’.

Please visit for more details about how we can assist you in solving your legal troubles. Our commercial real estate lawyers can professionally guide you in the purchase, sale, financing, leasing or join venturing of a particular deal or location.